Monday, 1 April 2013

Models Own Ice Neon Nail Polish in Pink Punch

Models Own Ice Neon Nail Polish in Pink Punch, £5
Models Own released their Ice Neon polish collection just over a week ago now - featuring a range of five fluro shades that need to be kept refrigerated. I nipped into Boots and left with 2 similar colours - Pink Punch and Bubblegum. I stupidly ignored the fridge rule and applied Bubblegum straight away, hated the consistency and disregarded the rest of the collection, hiding them in the back of my fridge. Yesterday, I was on a serious neon mission - wearing a bright lime jumper, MACs Pink Pigeon on my lips, and was on the hunt for a similar nail colour. I decided to give Pink Punch a chance and absolutely loved the result! 

Pink Punch is much more orange/red toned and neon than it appears on camera - very similar to the typical colour of punch! A little more unique than a standard coral, the colour looks super bright and eye catching, gorgeous against both pale skin and a tan. You really do need to keep these in the fridge for them to be effective. When I first used Bubblegum, it was thick, gloopy and streaky, however after living in the fridge for a few days this shade literally glided onto my nails like a dream. You only really need one coat to give opaque colour, but I apply two out of habit. The consistency is very gel-like, which makes it easy to paint on neatly first time, leaving a super glossy, professional finish.They are intended to have a matte effect, but it definitely looks glossy on me; perhaps due to using a base coat. 
Despite thinking the collection was rubbish at first, I've fallen in love with this shade and think I'll be wearing it non stop. It's incredible for Summer and fits perfectly with the neon trend, without looking tacky. I'd highly recommend Pink Punch if you're struggling over which to pick from the collection - it's the most wearable out of the bunch and looks incredible on the nails! Go check it out next time you're in Boots and see what you think!

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  1. The colour reminds me of lemonade for some reason (?). Love the colour x


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